Solar Batteries

Deep Cycle Batteries

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VDH Battery Distributors

Alberton: 060 529 8445
Gleneagles: 072 859 9529

Silver Lakes: 072 487 6289
Van der Hoff: 072 487 6289


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Conditions of Sales

Price and Payment Options:

      1. Prices are exclusive of VAT at the South African Rand currency.
      2. Prices include scrap return. We follow the South-African-BMA policy which include R250 ex. vat scrap-loading.
      3. As a wholesaler, administration fees (2.5%) are charged on “Credit-Card” transactions to compensate for the fees charged by bank institutions on “Credit-Cards”. Their are no administration fees on EFT, Debit-Card or Cheque-Card transactions.


      1. Orders place with the Seller by the Purchaser are irrevocable.
      2. Seller entitled to reclaim goods if purchase price not paid in full within one month after delivery of goods.
      3. The Purchaser will be liable for legal fees for recovery of overdue accounts.
      4. The Purchaser shall be responsible for storing of goods delivered, and follow steps necessary in order to maintain the quality of the goods.
      5. The Seller shall not be liable for claims for shortfalls on defective goods supplied, unless a written claim is received from the Purchaser within 5 working days at the Seller Registered Office, after delivery of goods.
      6. Only new products supplied by the Seller, stated on the original approved invoice, carry a warranty as offered by original equipments manufacturer.
      7. All warranties are voided, if goods are handled carelessly, abused or the necessary steps are not followed in order to maintain the quality on the goods.
      8. The Seller will not be responsible for damages on other products nor personal injury when using supplied products.
      9. If the Purchaser prefers a DIY (do it your self) purchase transaction, the Seller shall not assist in technical advice on goods not sold on the original approved invoice, as the original approved invoice does not include this cost. The Seller shall not assist with fitments (installations) after the Purchaser preferred a DIY (do it your self) purchase transaction, nor provide installation advice.